Vote Run Lead

With more than 26,000 women trained to run for office, VoteRunLead is the largest and most diverse campaign and leadership program in the country. Our mission is to educate diverse women to unleash their independent political power, seek public office and transform American democracy. We work to equip women with the right know-how, trainings and how-to’s to help them enter politics with a purpose. We believe that by empowering women to run as they are, they will build a campaign based on their own passion, their own ideas and their own values.

VoteRunLead’s unique campaign and leadership trainings are practical, actionable, nonpartisan and individualized. Our recent survey, found in Marie Claire magazine, reported that 56% of the women polled said they don’t think as many women run for office as men because no one has ever encouraged them to run. Well, VRL wants to change that narrative by training women to run for office regardless of their political experience or “permission” to do so. We believe women have the talents to achieve their political ambition and to be unapologetic about it. These award-winning trainings are designed to encourage women to “RUN AS YOU ARE” and win. Our cutting-edge online tools put campaign resources and live political experts within reach. We have nearly 60 training resources available on our website for our partners and VoteRunLead alum to use and share.
But our work doesn’t stop there.
We also combine the results of our online and in-person trainings onto a social media platform for women to access our vast support network of VoteRunLead alums. This is part of our commitment to provide continuous support to all of our trainees along their political journey. 

We are in urgent need of a more inclusive and diverse government.  A 2014 study found that of over 42,000 elected officials nationwide, from President to the county level, 90% are white, in a country that is 37% people of color. Additionally, 71% of elected officials are male, even though men comprise only 49% of the population of the U.S. Now through 2020, our focus is clear: recruit and train 30,000 women to run for political office. This is a historic time, when women are stepping up in droves to run for office and make impactful change. Thousands of women are ready to take the helm and have already reached out to VoteRunLead for campaign training. With each election being just as important as the next, we are committed to building a strong, sustainable network of women who are ready to vote, ready to run and ready to lead.