Forum 50%

Forum 50% is a non-profit organization supporting equal participation of women and men in politics and in decision making. Although women comprise 50% of the population, their representation in politics is on average only 20% and even less in leadership positions. It strives for a more balanced decision making process including not only men’s but also women’s views and life experience.


It is a watchdog and a think tank. It conveys new visions, approaches and proposals, and help to bring them into practice. Forum 50% motivates women to become politically active, supports active female politicians and women in leading positions, co-operates with political parties and other bodies on concrete measures. Its guiding principle is to be non-partisan.



The crucial part of its activities is direct support of women into politics and leadership positions. This strand of activities includes trainings, mentoring, networking or competition “Auspicious Woman Politician”. Forum 50% has a long-term experience with supporting educational activities - more than 300 female politicians have attended the trainings and many of them have later succeeded in top politics. The training program for EP candidates in 2014 and the international mentoring program were acknowledged as good practice by European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE).